MK ENERGY is proudly offering

10 years workmanship warranty 

as we are confident in our outstanding works.

Platinum Packs

Solar Panels 

Tier One Solar Panels

Solar Inverter


3KW | $4,600

6KW | $6,990

Diamond Packs

Solar Panels 

Tier One Solar Panels

Solar Inverter

Sungrow or Zever

3KW | $3,990

6KW | $5,400


Both single phase or three phase meter needs to be updated to solar net meter. This cost is charged as per electricity retailer. 


The following additional charges apply:

  • Double story premises $230

  • Site inspection $150/per visiting

  • Long cable run - from $200

  • Raked ceiling $200

  • Split Array $1800/split

  • Steep Roof over 30 degree from $200

  • Tilt Frames $25/panel

  • Terracotta Tile $100/kW

  • Clip Lock roof $0.15/watt

  • Meter box upgrade – price is determined by the amount of work required to bring the meter box in line with regulatory requirements. Price will range from $100 to $2,000

Brand we are carrying


LG has been manufacturing electrical goods since 1958. Solar research commenced in the mid 1980s while actual module production started in 2009. LG prdes itself on manufacturing one of the highest quality and high efficient modules on the market.

LG Electronics operates in over 100 countries including USA, Japan, China, India, Germany, Australia and New Zealand. In Australia, it has offices in every mainland city and the Australian solar unit is based in Sydney. LG has also selectively developed a national network of highly capable dealers and installers.

The current global solar manufacturing capacity of LG is 1 GW, with plans for a 1,8 and then 3GW Gigawatt capacity within the next three years. LG solar panels are manufactured in a fully automated manufacturing facility in Gumi, South Korea. The manufacturing process is vertically integrated. LG undertakes and controls every stage of production – from sourcing the silicon, to manufacturing the cells and the modules. LG panels come with a 12-year parts and labour product warranty and 25-year performance warranty held here in Australia by LG Electronics.

LG has one of most stringent quality control procedures when manufacturing its solar cells and solar modules. In order to be sold in Australia all solar modules have to be tested and pass the IEC standard tests once. LG solar panels are tested in LG’s special testing lab well beyond general IEC standards – from between two and up to four times.  Overall over 500 quality control processes are being used to build the modules from scratch.

HS-SAAE, established in May 28th, 1998 and listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange later in June (stock code 600151), is the first listed company with the name of “aerospace” in China. It is also a significant platform of industrialization for the aerospace technology application of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. Relying on the resources of central enterprises and gaining a firm grasp of development direction of the national strategic industry, HT - SAAE, after years of unremitting efforts, has already formed three industrial patterns of new energy PV, automotive thermal system and civil-military integration, created three major production and research bases in Shanghai, Inner Mongolia and Jiangsu and has five high-tech enterprises and seven national and provincial technology R&D centers. HT-SAAE is mainly engaged in the integration of polysilicon, solar cells, battery packs and new "photovoltaic + energy storage" system; air conditioning system, EPS and other automotive electronic system products; R&D, production and sales of application products in the civil-military integration fields. It brands enjoys a wide reputation in the international and domestic markets, and has established strategic partnership with many world-renowned enterprises. Adhering to the enterprise culture of Creating the Future Wholeheartedly, HT-SAAE has always been committed to development of the aerospace technology application industry, providing high-quality products and services for China and even the world as a whole, and striving to create "a high-quality listed company featuring sustainable development, social responsibility and reasonable returns to shareholders". On top of scientific development, HT-SAAE actively fulfills the global social responsibility of energy conservation and environmental protection and aims to create a better future for mankind featuring sustainable development.